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So the EMT (Everlovely Mrs. T) and I skipped church (again) this morning and went cycling down the river to Marshall and back. Hard to believe this is only the third time this year I’ve been out on the bike. I’ve really got to get back in gear (get it, “in gear”–it’s a joke, ah say, it’s a joke, son). My motivation just hasn’t been there the past couple of years. This year, my motivation is somewhat back: just like with racquetball, I’m back at the point of wanting to ride; I just need to figure out how to translate that into actually getting on the bike (or the court). To deal with (pre-ride) bed head and (post-ride) helmet head, I threw on my ball cap the EMT got me to commemorate my first century ride, which was almost exactly four years ago, and realized I haven’t done a century since later that summer. Heck, I haven’t gone more than 30 miles in a single ride since last August, and that was the first one of that distance since the previous August.  But I digress…

Anyways, the point of this was the headwind. What is it about riding a bike that you always have a headwind, even if you’re doing an out-and-back? Or maybe it’s just the NC 151 ride down the river that works that way. And what is it about me that I can’t seem to remember that’s the way it works? Seems I’m always thinking to myself on the way out to Marshall how nice it will be to have that headwind at my back on the return trip–only to have what feels like an even stronger headwind on said return trip.

Come to think of it, I only recall one time when I really felt like I enjoyed a strong tailwind (2005 Jubilee Joy Ride), and that one came at the price of riding back into the headwind. It was kind of fun, though, in a strange way, to be pedaling as hard as I could, going down a fairly steep hill, and barely making any progress. Today was nothing like that; just the usual irritating reality that is the ride along the old Broad.


Forget Macbook AIR; try the new Dell

ht: Karlyn Morissette

God and Hondas

Why do so many churches have more than one parking space for their congregants? Doesn’t the Bible say we should all be in one Accord?

…like a chorus of little birdies*

A look at a few of today’s visitors to the birdseed cafe out front of the homestead:












(*from “The Dance of the Cucumber,” for you non-Veggie Tales types)

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